Since leaving the University system in 1989, Dr. Latham has served as Scientific Director and President of 6 additional companies, spawning multiple inventions and many commercialized products in the areas of artificial intelligence, statistical logic devices, eutectic gasses, media for culturing human stem cells, radio-protective compounds, targeted enzyme substrates, anti-viral vaccines and new chemistries for the synthesis of key synthetic intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Patents for methods of Controlled Drug Release and new drugs for treatment of Hypothyroidism, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease have resulted.


Dr. Keith R. Latham


  • President & Chief Scientist, ITL Pharma                                                                     1998 – Present
  • Chief Technical Officer,  LIAS   


  • President & Chief Scientist, Innovative Technology                                      1996-1998
  • President & Research Director, Technology Resources, Inc.                                     1992-1996
  • President & Research Director, Inovar Biologicals and Chemicals, Inc.                       1988-1992
  • Professor of Medicine of the Health Sciences-Uniformed Services  University-Bethesda Maryland      1977-1989
  • President, BioCom Industries, Inc.                                                                               1972-1988
  • Research, Factor VIII, Abbott Laboratories                                                    



University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), Post Doctoral, Molecular Endocrinology & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1977
University of Southern California, PhD, Neurobiology of Aging, 1974
California State University at Los Angeles, BS, Biophysics, 1968


Uniformed Services University, Department of Medicine & Physiology (Joint), Professor of Medicine of the Health Sciences (USUHS), 1977-1989



Sustained Drug Release and Improved Product Stability Using Non-Covalent

Particle coating Methods. (Issued 12/27/2016 Patent # 9,526,701)

Preparation of Organic Compounds for Enhanced Reactivity (issued 2/16/2016  # 9,260,380)

Halogenated Phenol Ethers for Diagnostics, Antioxidant Protection  and Drug Delivery (issued 9/29/2015  Patent #8,673,269)

Halogenated Phenols for Targeted Drug Delivery (issued 9/8/2015 Patent # 9,125,946)
Preparation of Organic Compounds for Enhanced Reactivity (issued 7/21/2015 Patent # 9,085,510)

Halogenated Phenols for Diagnostics using FROS (issued 3/18/2014 Patent # 8,673,269)

Preparation, purifying, precipitation compound for  subsequent reaction carried out in Suspension. (issued 6/11/2013 Patent # 8,461,381)
Polypeptide (or peptide-linked compounds) Synthesis for Drug Delivery (issued 6/4/203 Patent # 8,455,619)

Pharmaceutical composition Containing an Active agent in an Amino Acid Copolymer Structure. (issued3/28/2006 Patent # 7,018,654)

Preparation of Iodothyronine polymers (Issued 6/8/1999 Patent # 5,910,569)
Preparation of Thyroid Hormone Polymers for Treatment of Hypothyroidism (issued 6/16/1998 Patent # 5767227)

Gina Garland


CFO Of ITL PHARMA-2013-present
CEO of  LIAS               2014-present
CEO of Valleybrook Pharmaceuticals   2013-2014
Auctioneer                     2006-present
Real Estate Broker        2005-present

Real Estate Agent          2002-2005

Science Teacher            1989-2002

Doctoral program in Science and Technology - Kent State University
M.Ed.-University of Toledo, June 1993-Major in Secondary Science Education-  Magna Cum Laude
B.S.- Baldwin Wallace College, 1989-Major in Comprehensive Science- Cum Laude