Thyroid HormoneReplacement- TriThroidtm T3 Drug completed Clinical Trials. BCT304- a T4 Drug, and BCT305 and 306 a combo  T3-T4 drug ready for IND Submission                              


Neurodegenerative Disease Treatments-     Parkinoltm  for Parkinson's Disease as well as Poly-DA,  and Azololtm for Alzheimer's Disease                                                    

Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

Cancer Diagnostics-Blue-Ttm  for Ductal Carcinoma and Systemic Infection Diagnostic

Cancer Therapies-Carcinintm

Inflammation Diagnostics

Wound Healing and Tissue Repair-Loopin

ADHD Treatment-PolyPhetaminetm  and Pim2

Production Technologies and Formulation and Tableting that extends the  Pipeline

Pipeline of Drugs and Diagnostics