Investing in our Product Development

We currently offer six investment opportunities in multiple therapeautic arenas.

  1. TriThroid┬«t: The newest Thyroid Hormone supplement to treat Hypothyroidism.   TriThroid┬« is our T3 drug, in addition our BCT304 T4 drug soon to enter clinical Trials, as well as our BCT 305 and 306 combo T4 and T3 drugs.
  2. Blu-Ttm: A patented Cancer Diagnostic.
  3. Nerodegenerative disease drugs including Parkinoltm and Azololtm
  4. ADHD drug treatment products including Polyphetamine
  5. Wound healing and tissue repair: including Loopin.
  6. Myocardial Infarct therapy: including CardioSafetm